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US Certificate Programs


Do you want to study abroad at elite universities but have limited time and budget?


One of the certificate programs in popular fields such as Business, Marketing, photography, filmmaking, Finance, Accounting, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Project Management and Human Resources offered by distinguished universities such as HARVARD, UCLA, BERKELEY, UCSD may be the appropriate option for you.


These are international diploma and certificate programs that include practical knowledge as well as theoretical knowledge, do not question your test scores and offer flexible start dates. In addition, these programs are considered an alternative to master's programs due to their rich content.


The duration of certificate programs varies between three and eighteen months. A certificate from a program lasting more than nine months entitles you to one year of official employment in the United States and one year of work experience/internship in some of the most prestigious companies.

The prerequisites for certificate programs are usually graduation from a 4-year university and an upper-intermediate level of English.


We facilitate international educational experiences that provide opportunities for international study, research, or practical experiences .These enriching experiences foster critical thought, intellectual and social growth, knowledge and experiences for professional success, and responsible global citizenship.


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​It is as simple as that! You choose where you want to study and we'll do the rest, supporting you with your student application, VISA application, provide direction and assistance on accommodation, along with supporting your enrolment when you arrive to your chosen location.

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