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 US Summer Camps

At the Beach

Would you like to visit America during the summer vacation? ​ ​


Enjoying the summer at a University like Yale, Harvard, UCLA, UC Berkeley, New York Film Academy is no longer a dream. You will be able to both have fun and learn English thanks to the social and sports activities you will participate in your summer school program in America. In addition, you will have the opportunity to get to know the city you are in better thanks to the cultural trip programs. You will practice speaking English with students from all nationalities at your school and you will have the opportunity to get to know different cultures closely. ​ ​  


American summer schools are designed for students between the ages of 10-19. They are programs offered between June and August every year, the length of which you can determine (between 2-8 weeks). All of these schools offer the general English program to their students, as well as sports, arts programs and academic infrastructure course programming as an alternative. In addition, these programs are a great opportunity if you want to study at the University in America, get to know the education life, city and culture. In general, campus accommodation is preferred by students.


The program details and information of the American summer school are generally announced by the schools 6-7 months in advance. The ideal registration period for the USA is February and March. Early registration means; finding a place on the date you want, in the program you want, applying for a visa and getting your flight ticket early at a more affordable price! ​All students must have a valid visa for the US summer school. However, if you have a valid B1/B2 (Touristic) visa that you have previously obtained, you can participate in the summer school program in America without the need for an additional visa. Your visa process will be followed by us.

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